Barcelona, ​​an excellent option for first-rate advanced medical care


Barcelona has leading research centers thanks to innovative equipment, cutting-edge technology and prestigious professionals.

Health Care

Barcelona’s medical excellence offers first-rate madical care thanks to prestigious specialists and cutting-edge technology.

Mediterranean capital

The capital of Catalonia puts at your disposal the excellence of its medical professionals in a modern and cosmopolitan city.

Medical specialties

Barcelona is a benchmark in a wide range of medical specialties thanks to the high qualification of its medical staff, the use of advanced technologies and the strict control of procedures.

International reference centers

Catalonia and its capital, Barcelona, ​​have some of the most recognised medical centers in the world.
Currently all carry out teleconsultations.

Research as the basis of excellence

Barcelona's real commitment with research drives medical excellence in many medical fields.
  • High quality network
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Innovative equipment
  • Prestigious professionals

Barcelona and Catalonia are your home

Barcelona's real commitment to research drives medical excellence in many medical fields.