Cardiovascular medicine  -  Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery  -  Neuroscience

Since its inception, the aim of Teknon was to become a reference centre in the Mediterranean area in all the medical-surgical specialities. The first Healthcare Reputation Monitor (HRM), published in December 2014, signalled Teknon as the tenth private hospital with the best reputation in Spain.

The Diagnostics Service of Teknon Medical Center is specially dedicated to complementary explorations. A specialised area where all the techniques are practised, such as diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine or endoscopies, including such more specialised and complex ones as the coronary-CAT, the MRI and the PET-CT. Under professional and personalised care, the Diagnostic Imaging Service at Teknon has cutting-edge technology, being one of the most advanced centres in the country. As an example, in 2012 the Panorama HFO (High Field Open) MRI, the first high field open magnetic resonance machine in Catalonia was acquired.

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