A city with its
own style

Surrounded by the sea and mountains, Barcelona is the Catalan capital. A city open to the world, with more than 2,000 years of history where knowledge, culture, creativity, architecture, tradition, and innovation coexist in a pioneering digital, technological and scientific panorama. It is also the first city in the world to be accredited with the Biosphere certification as a responsible tourist destination, boasting an extensive public transport network that prioritizes clean energy and extensive cycle lanes that make getting around the city comfortable and easy.

Mediterranean culture

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. The land of Miró and Dalí. A land of Mediterranean tradition with a rich historical heritage. The modernist works of art by Gaudí and Doménech i Montaner, the Poblet monastery, the Romanesque churches of the Boí valley and the Roman archaeological site of Tarragona have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. City of history and art, Barcelona also attracts many visitors for its Mediterranean atmosphere, refined gastronomy and pleasant climate.


In Catalonia, everything is close and everything is different. Snow and sea. High mountains and the Mediterranean. Sea and mountain cuisine. Stone villages of the Pyrenees, white villages on the coast and ... Barcelona, ​​a modern metropolis. A land of contrasts and diversity: ancient and avant-garde, modern and traditional. and full of surprises.


Catalonia can boast of having the best chefs in the world, from the Adrià brothers to the Roca brothers, including Carme Ruscalleda. Its restaurants and those of other great chefs boast a constellation of Michelin stars. Here you can enjoy an extensive gastronomic offer: from traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with excellent quality seafood and vegetables, to the most effective avant-garde cuisine.

The sea

Catalonia, with a seafaring tradition, is open to the Mediterranean. The coastline is never far away: incomparable coves on the Costa Brava, endless sandy beaches on the Costa Daurada and urban beaches in cosmopolitan Barcelona.


Catalonia is the country of blue skies and shining sun, mild winters and springs full of flowers and greenery. Barcelona, ​​Mediterranean city par excellence, enjoys an idyllic climate that is spring-like most of the year.


In Barcelona, ​​shopping is walking. In addition to the stores of the main international brands that are found in large avenues adorned by the masterpieces of Catalan modernism and Gaudí, you will find all kinds of establishments: local shops, alternative and avant-garde boutiques, as well as the traditional stores of all time. There is everything and for everyone!