barnaclínic+ (Hospital Clínic)

barnaclínic+ offers personalised and comprehensive health and non-health services including: prevention, prediction, diagnosis and treatment. Our hospital reinvests all profits back into the public health system.


Cardiovascular disease

Oncology and Haematology (with radiotherapy)

Digestive surgery and metabolic diseases





Our centre is part of Barcelona’s Hospital Clínic Group. barnaclínic+ is synonymous with the prestige, innovation, technology, translational research, teaching and knowledge that for so many years have made Hospital Clínic the best Spanish hospital and a European benchmark.

Our patients are our motivation. It is because of them that we strive to maintain and reinforce our international leadership in highly complex diseases and procedures.

Villaroel, 170. Barcelona (España)

Tel: (+34) 932 279 391

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