Hospital Sanitas CIMA

Sanitas CIMA is a private hospital known for performing highly complex surgical procedures. It holds the accreditation of excellence from the Joint Commission International, the most demanding and rigorous seal of quality in the world.


Oncology and Haematology

Personalised attention is the centre’s hallmark.  This service vocation, allowing patients to play an active and central role in their own care, makes all the difference in terms of the excellence of care.

As part of a multidisciplinary framework of care, the hospital has chosen a strategy heavily focused on health care processes.  An example of this is the Women’s Diagnostic Unit, which offers all the services inherent to women’s health: radiodiagnosis, gynaecology, medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiotherapeutic oncology, psychology, neurology, etc.

In addition, the hospital has made a significant investment through Atrys, a company that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer through radiation therapy, to set up the new Advanced Cancer Institute, a leader in cancer care, with the Radiation Therapy Centre and all oncology specialties located in the same building.

The inpatient facilities at Sanitas CIMA Hospital also set the standard for the rest of the city’s healthcare offerings: it has single suite rooms with all the comforts of home for both patients and companions.

Although the quality and patient satisfaction indicators consistently rank the Sanitas CIMA Hospital in the range of excellence, it is always striving to introduce initiatives to anticipate patients’ expectations.  An example of this is its commitment to digital health through the Connected Health Programme.

Passeig de Manuel Girona, 33, 08034 Barcelona

Tel: (+34) 93 552 27 00

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