HM Nens

HM Nens is a pediatric surgical hospital that joined the HM Hospitales group and the Fundació Hospital de Nens de Barcelona. It is the first private center in Spain authorized to pharmacologically treat patients with achondroplasia.


Complex diseases in the paediatric population

The center has a team of doctors of excellence. One of the specialties to highlight at HM Nens is the traumatology service, led by Dr. Soldado and Gorka Knoor. In addition, it is a leader in several treatment areas, highlighting the odontobaby, led by Dr. Ruth Mayné. The Physical Performance Unit is directed by Dr. Siurana, of renowned pediatric prestige. The comprehensive Achondroplasia service is directed by Dr. Josép Mª de Bergua.

HM Nens has a dental area with specialties such as maxillofacial surgery, speech therapy, myofunctional physiotherapy and orthodontics.

HM International is the department that attends to the foreign community that decides to use the medical services of HM Hospitales. It is a service that offers comprehensive, multilingual personalized assistance, 24/7, 365 days a year.

C. del Consell de Cent, 437, 08009 Barcelona (Spain)

(+34) 932 310 512

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