IDERMA (Institute of Advanced Dermatology)

The Institute of Advanced Dermatology (IDERMA) is a centre specialized in clinical, aesthetic and oncological dermatology. It is also the Dermatology service of the Quirón Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona.

IDERMA is made up of a medical team of dermatologists and surgeons specialized in the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques in dermatology and dermo aesthetics.



Our values at IDERMA are:

  • COMMITMENT. We commit to our patients by offering them the most effective medical solutions and top-quality care.
  • SECURITY. We make sure to apply the most rigorous security measures in all areas of our activity.
  • HUMANITY. We strive to offer close medical attention, creating a doctor-patient relationship based on trust and prioritizing professional ethics and medical deontology over any other type of interest.
  • EFFICIENCY. We try to attend to all our patients without great delays and we have an Emergency Service for attention in less than 48 hours during normal visiting hours.
  • INNOVATION. We constantly update our medical knowledge and apply the latest scientific advances.
  • TECHNOLOGY. We provide the most advanced resources and technology.
  • SERVICE. We have agreements with the main health insurance companies in our country.

C/ Sabino Arana, 5-19. 3 Planta. 08028 - Barcelona (Spain)

(+34) 934 091 515

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