Centro médico Teknon

Centro médico Teknon is one of the leading hospitals in the private healthcare sector in Spain thanks to the high quality and excellence of its medical and care services, in a setting that combines personalised care with the most highly advanced technology, as demonstrated by the recent launch of a hybrid cardiac surgery theatre and a TrueBeam accelerator for Radiotherapy, the most innovative of its kind on the market.


Cardiovascular area


Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

Teknon is governed by a rigorous culture of quality management in an effort to deliver the best patient care and satisfaction with the highest standards of quality and safety. Because of this, Teknon has managed to maintain continuous accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s leading organisation for the accreditation of health care organisations, since 2002. 

More than 400 top-notch specialists practice on its campus, all with international training in their specialities and the ability to communicate with patients in several languages. More than 2,000 professionals oversee the medical care, comfort and personalised treatment of the centre’s patients, covering all medical-surgical specialties.

Vilana, 12. Barcelona (Spain)

Tel: (+34) 932 906 200


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